Our Value Proposition

Carr Financial Group is a team of Certified Financial Planners ™, experienced advisors, and dedicated administrative staff in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1989, with integrity and commitment to our clients as our guiding principles.  Each member of our team has a unique set of life and business experience, delivering perspective and experience in many planning areas.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of continual education, to be a lasting and valued resource for our clients, helping them navigate beyond investment management in an increasingly complex and evolving world.  Our team works together to help guide our clients, offering a compassionate ear and sound guidance.

Our clients have worked hard and sacrificed to attain their wealth.  They are leaders in their fields – as business owners and professionals, they have an entrepreneurial mindset, and seek to make a lasting impact on their families and communities.  Our clients place a great deal of trust in us and value the professional experience we provide, allowing them to spend time and energy on the things that matter most to them.  They share our core philosophy that wealth alone does not measure success.

Our team follows a refined process to clarify, plan for, and ultimately work to achieve our client's most valued goals.  We build enduring relationships with our clients, and appreciate the gravity of the trust they place in every member of our team.  It is a privilege to be engaged and invested in their personal convictions and life aspirations.  We have built our careers on helping our clients work towards their goals and becoming a part of their journey in pursuit of success.